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Filling the funding gap!

A late surge in pledges has taken the Newton’s Place community fundraising appeal tantalisingly close to its £10,000 target.

The cash has been earmarked to help cover design costs for the £2 million conversion of the former St Leonard’s Church, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, into a new community space and museum.

The scheme is being led by Newton Abbot Town Council in response to residents’ calls for better cultural and social facilities.

With the March 31 deadline edging ever closer the appeal has attracted support worth almost £8,000 and the Newton’s Place team believes that a recent call for help has borne fruit.

‘In the past week we’ve had pledges worth more than £350 and I’ve a feeling we’ll see more coming in as the deadline approaches,’ said Newton Abbot Town Council Clerk Phil Rowe.

‘The amounts offered range from £10 to £100 and we’re very grateful to everyone who has stepped up to the plate.

‘Crucially though the rules of our crowdfunding website state that unless we hit our target we’ll not be able to access any of the money that’s been pledged so please, if you’re thinking about making a pledge do it now or you could be too late.’

Although the bulk of the project’s costs will be covered by grants and the sale of the existing town hall and museum, the £10,000 appeal was launched to give individuals and organisations the chance to develop a sense of ownership.

Among the latest offers of help was that made by the Magnus Dental Practice in Queen Street.

Their name will be added to those of other donors on the Newton’s Place Roll of Honour.

Dentist Magnus Paulsson said: ‘We were delighted to support the Newton’s Place appeal, the facility the team is planning is exactly what the town needs.

‘We’ll be proud to see our name on the roll of honour and to know we helped shape Newton Abbot’s history.’

‘We’d urge other businesses in the town to help too if they can, residents as well. Together we can fill the funding gap and put the capital C in Community.’

The photo shows town mascot Newton receiving a helping hand from dentist Magnus Paulsson and dental nurse Emma Paulsson.

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