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Brownie designers get busy

As part of the Newton’s Place project, we have involved several groups with the design of two giant banners for the front of the new building.

The banners will act as a signpost to the museum, with the inner side of the banners featuring lots of images of objects in the museum collection. The plan is that these images of fascinating museum items will tempt people to come into the building to see more.

But, at this stage we do not have a design for the banners so we have been asking people in the local area to help imagine what the banners will look like. What colour will they be? What words and images will appear on the banners? What will the overall design be?

One banner design session took place with the 1st Newton Abbot Brownies. 28 young members joined in and had a great time exploring images of some of the 17,000 objects in the museum, choosing which ones they thought should go on the banners. They came up with some bright and creative designs.


The brownies are very keen to stay in touch with the project as it progresses over the coming months. They are having regular updates, looking at the latest designs from the architects and designers. 

Their next involvement will be a visit to the former church before construction work begins.

The brownies will also take part in an 'Inter-Generational Handling Box' project in the autumn, working with museum volunteers to look through the museum collection to choose what goes into the touring handling boxes. The boxes will be taken around the town to various groups and will feature at pop-up museums in a range of locations - come along to hear bite-sized tales and learn all about the fascinating history of the local area. Watch this space for details of locations and dates.


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