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The Whole Picture

Members of the Newton Abbot Photographic Club have volunteered their time to produce an official archive.

Prior to the conversion works on the former church, an official photographic record of the building in its current state has to be produced. Members of the Newton Abbot Photographic Club stepped forward to volunteer both their time and expertise to complete the work, which is a requirement of planning permission.

As well as the official record before the work begins, the club will photograph key stages in the building development, producing an fascinating archive for generations to come.

‘It’s great, It’s something in the town that’s going to progress and we’re in it from the beginning and will be able to document through to completion,’ said Christina Burton following the first photo-shoot.

‘It would be awful if we’d got to the opening day and people hadn’t the chance to see the developments behind closed doors. But we’re going to capture the changes as they happen over the coming months, it’s a big thing to take on.’

The photographs will be posted to the project website as the building conversion progresses, and the Photographic Club plan to stage an exhibition of their work in the community rooms once the new building is open.

For Lynn Buckley the prospect of an audience for her work is a tantalising one. ‘It’s nice to have an output, to be working towards an end product which a lot of people will be able to see as so many photographs just end up stuck on a computer, nobody sees them,’ she said.

Town Clerk Phil Rowe, overseeing the project for Newton Abbot Town Council, said: ‘We’re delighted to have the club on board and hope members relish the valuable role they’re playing in one of the town’s most significant developments in decades.’

The photo shows Christina Burton (rear) and Lynn Buckley (front) from Newton Abbot Photography Club as they start the official record in the former church.


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