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Saving St Leonard's Tower

FREE guided tour of the 'Clock Tower': find out the story behind the demolition of the medieval chapel of St Leonard's and how Newtonian's saved the tower.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Heritage Open Days (HODs) – the country’s biggest FREE festival of history and culture, celebrating our rich and diverse heritage.

Our own Newton Abbot Museum volunteers have been supporting HODs every September for many years. This year, as part of the museum outreach program while the museum is currently closed, volunteers will be opening St Leonard’s Tower, or as it is often called the Clock Tower.

They will be sharing the rich history of the former chapel, and the local area, including William of Orange’s first declaration of his intent to become King of England in 1688 (made at the market cross in front of St Leonard’s Chapel). They will explain how People Power saved the tower from demolition in the 1830s and beyond.

Saturday 14th September
No booking required

Why not come to see the Town Crier's competition too and make a day of it!

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